A young mother has a lot to smile about after a life-changing surgery. Recently, 21-year-old Aileen Salais underwent a maxillofacial procedure using microvascular surgery at Del Sol Medical Center.

Salais had an aggressive, but benign tumor, in her lower jaw that required maxillofacial surgery. Hans Brockhoff, M.D., an oral surgeon, performed the surgery, which involved facial reconstruction surgery on very small blood vessels.

The first phase of the surgery was very successful, and soon, Salais will receive implants in her jaw bone and dentures. Looking at her, it’s difficult to notice that her jaw was reconstructed.

Del Sol Medical Center is the only hospital in El Paso to provide this type of treatment. Previously, patients would have to fly out of state to have this type of procedure. Since Aileen is a mother of a toddler, it would have been very difficult for her to travel far from home and her family for the surgery.

The El Paso Times recently shared Salais’ story.