They walk among us. Seemingly ordinary people with extraordinary strength, expertise, compassion and endurance. As we dutifully wash our hands and work from our dining tables—enduring social distancing and new grocery habits—these women and men suit up every single day and soldier into the frontlines of the biggest public health emergency of our lifetimes. Their efforts are valiant and unknowable, transforming outcomes for you, your neighbor, your loved ones and thousands of El Pasoans you might recognize but never meet. We, the people of El Paso salute them from our homes, phones, yards and cars. They protect us with HealthCare. We thank them with HeroCare.

The most important thing each of us can do to fight this pandemic is to wash our hands, keep our distance and stay home whenever possible. The next most important thing is to communicate this to those around us, so staying home is the norm, giving our healthcare warriors a fighting chance. 

We all need them to know we respect their expertise and sacrifice. That means they need to see and feel support from every corner of our community. 

Downloadable graphics

  • To help you show your gratitude and solidarity, we’ve created a series of downloadable graphics you can print and post:
    • On your door
    • In your shop window if you’re an essential business
    • In a non-obstructing car window
    • On social media #HeroCare
    • Wherever you are

Behind that mask is our hero.

Want to reunite? Stay home, and let them fight!

HealthCare hero fan club.

Want to reunite? Stay home, and let us fight!

Not all heroes wear capes. I wear scrubs.

I owe my life to a HealthCare hero.

I owe my life to ___.

  • To light up our community, we’re asking you to pull out those holiday lights and make a heart shape on your home, yard and your business. Share these photos on social media with #HeroCare. Let’s start a movement.
  • We’re asking you to send us words of appreciation and examples of HeroCare you’ve experienced so we can lift up the teams of people protecting our health. Email your words to us