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NEW Physician and Office Staff Computer Request Forms

Remote Gateway Access | Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare

NEW HCA - Remote Gateway Access

VDI - (Virtual Desktop Integration) NEW


Install Manual for HCare Access VDI

New Physician Office Access Request Forms For Meditech and PatientKeeper

Please note that PatientKeeper (PK) access is based on demonstrating a need due to Meditech not supplying sufficient data. Please state your reasons on the PatientKeeper Form Comment Section. Please be notified that you can only pull data from Meditech for patients treated by your physician/physicians practice group. PatientKeeper (PK) access request are reviewed to make sure the reason requested meets our internal policy. Also PatientKeeper access can take up to two (2) weeks to process.

Required Fields for Printing

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) and highlighted in Red must be fully completed in order to print and gain access to Las Palmas Del Sol  Healthcare applications.

Required Fields for Processing

  • Listing Physicians, Groups, or Insurances

    • List individual physicians that do not belong to a group
    • List physician group (practice) if applicable
    • List specific Insurance Group if applicable
  • Physician Sponsor Signature and Date

    • You must have physician sponsorship to gain access to Medical Records. The physician sponsor must sign and date before faxing. Billing groups must also have a physician sponsor. (Please note, access to Meditech requires that the physician sponsor be a credentialed member of the St David’s Medical Staff)
  • Confidentiality and Security Agreement (CSA)

    • In order to obtain access, the user must print name, sign, and date the bottom of the CSA on page 3. Please note that the user requesting access should sign this section.

Social Security Number No Longer Required For Non-Employees For New Access Request Forms Effective Immediately

Recommend to use Internet Explorer Browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete your form. Do not handwrite the information on the form.

As a part of HCA’s efforts to better protect and secure sensitive information like Social Security numbers. In lieu of the SSN, the following new fields will be required:

  • Non-employee’s home address
  • Non-employee’s personal phone number
  • Non-employee’s personal email address (NOT HCA or other company email address)
  • There are other required fields identified with an (*) asterisk that still need to be completed in order for us to process your access appropriately
  • Please use the new access request forms effective immediately no other forms will be accepted and could delay your access to St David’s Network
  • Please contact us at (512) 901-2777 if you have any questions concerning access

You can access forms via the Documents Link Above Label NEW

SRA - Simplified Remote Access

hca remote access

Install Manual for Tokenless Remote Connectivity

RSA - Remote Gateway (for user with Hard/Soft Tokens)

RSA - Remote Gateway

On the go? Not at the Hospital? Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare offers physicians and their office staff remote access to our patients' medical records (MEDITECH), images (PACS), labor and delivery documentation and monitoring (OBLINK), comprehensive access to an online database of biomedical articles (EBSCO), and other resources. To meet your needs of access whether you are on the move, in your office, or at your home, we offer two methods of connectivity to our clinical systems and other services that comply with the regulatory requirements of protecting patient data.

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