Del Sol Post-COVID Recovery Clinic

About post-COVID recovery

Although many people who have been infected by the coronavirus make a full recovery, other patients are left with debilitating symptoms that can continue to affect their lives for weeks and months. Common ongoing symptoms of what is now commonly referred to as ‘long COVID’ include breathing difficulties, fatigue, reduced muscle function and muscle and joint pain.

Giving you peace of mind

The Las Palmas Del Sol Post-COVID Recovery clinic in El Paso, Texas, offers a comprehensive assessment with a medical specialist and a range of diagnostic tests and treatments tailored to each patient’s specific post COVID-19symptoms. Our goal is to help you recover from the continuing effects of COVID-19 through rehabilitation and therapies designed to restore your function and quality of life.

Our clinic services are available to you even if your symptoms were mild to moderate or you were never hospitalized. We have learned that many COVID-19 patients who fought the illness at home may be unaware that lingering disabilities can be improved through rehabilitation.

Call (915) 283-3953 for more information about the Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare Post-COVID Recovery Clinic.

COVID symptoms you may be experiencing

  • Cardiac or respiratory issues such as difficulty breathing, speaking or swallowing or chest pain
  • Difficulty walking, exercising or performing daily tasks at home
  • Extreme tiredness and fatigue, commonly associated with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Weakness in the arms or legs
  • Pain, discomfort or reduced function in muscles and joint pain
  • Cognitive changes, such as difficulty thinking or ‘brain fog’, poor concentration and memory loss
  • Gastrointestinal or digestion problems such as gastritis, abdominal pain or loss of appetite
  • Reduced or severely disrupted sleep
  • Prolonged loss of sense of taste or smell
  • Signs of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

Fast answers, definitive results

Whether you’re seeking some clarity on your condition in the form of expert advice or need ongoing support, our expert team of specialist physician consultants are on hand to get you back to full health.

Your first telehealth appointment with the Post-COVID Recovery Clinic will be a comprehensive examination to identify any complications resulting from COVID-19. After this appointment, we will prepare a care plan based on your individual symptoms and needs. We will also make the necessary referrals to other specialized services to help on your journey to recovery.

The process is quick and easy:

  1. Call (915) 283-3953 to schedule your initial telemedicine visit with one of our physicians.
  2. Once the preliminary assessment has been completed, our team will coordinate and schedule a panel of tests tailored to meet your specific needs.
  3. Our team will conduct a telemedicine follow-up consultation to review your results, answer questions and concerns and review your plan of care.
  4. Finally, the team will help make any necessary referrals to other specialty services as required, and help with scheduling to quickly get you seen by our network of specialists.

Delivering safe care

Accessing healthcare should not involve compromising on your safety, which is why all our facilities have put a range of safety measures at the core of every service and department. From the initial telemedicine visit through to your follow-up, we are committed to making your experience safe, accurate and convenient.

Our virtual patient consultations via video and phone let you see the doctor from anywhere, and minimize the need for patients to travel or come into contact with others. For all diagnostic services, we will make every effort to provide a single-site of service to accomplish all your diagnostic needs in one visit.

Call (915) 283-3953 for more information about the Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare Post-COVID Recovery Clinic.