Del Sol Medical Center is putting more cancer patients on a successful road to recovery with a new treatment for liver cancer called Yttrium-90, or Y-90. The facility recently became the first hospital in El Paso to administer this minimally invasive treatment, which combines radiation therapies and embolization to help treat liver cancer.

Gethin Williams, M.D., Ph.D., a vascular and interventional radiologist who practices at Del Sol Medical Center, administered the first treatment in 2015. Since then, Dr. Williams has administered more than 25 Y-90 treatments to patients with liver, colorectal, breast, gastric and other cancers in the liver and has seen excellent outcomes.

Overall, the treatment can help extend a patient’s life and improve quality of life by slowing down or eliminating the liver tumor completely.

Y-90 is composed of millions of tiny radioactive beads, which are injected directly into the vessels that feed the tumor. This relatively new therapy is effective in slowing down or eliminating primary liver cancer and metastatic cancers.

Before Del Sol Medical Center began providing Y-90 in El Paso, it was only available to patients who could travel to MD Anderson Cancer Centers or Dallas and other large metropolitan cities.

For more information about Y-90 and other cancer treatments at Del Sol Medical Center, call (915) 594-5903.

El Paso Inc. recently shared an article about the new treatment.