Del Sol Medical Center recently completed construction to expand and renovate the Del Sol Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital. The $2.5 million, 5,063-square-foot expansion increased the unit size to 23,656 square feet, which allows for faster services, increased quality of care and additional patient privacy.

Improvements to the rehab hospital include the addition of nine new patient beds, bringing the total number to 32. Several new rooms are dedicated to Del Sol Medical Center’s neurological program, which treats patients with neurological disorders, such as strokes and brain injuries. The renovation also includes equipment upgrades, including a reclining bicycle and training stairs, as well as a special Lite Gait treadmill for patients with difficulty walking. The renovations include new independence rooms for patients preparing to go home.

This expansion helps Del Sol Medical Center continue to provide exceptional rehabilitation services to its patients, like Cruz Duran, a patient who went through the rehabilitation program following a motorcycle accident in which 70 percent of his body was burned, and he suffered limb amputations. While in rehab, Cruz worked with multiple therapists who helped him during his recovery process.

Programs at the rehab hospital are designed to help patients of all ages, with all forms of injuries and medical conditions, obtain their highest possible functional level. For those interested in learning more about Del Sol Rehabilitation Programs, please visit LPDS Healthcare or call (915) 595-9744.

El Diario de El Paso recently shared news of the Del Sol Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital expansion.