EL PASO, Texas — Del Sol Medical Center recently became the first hospital in El Paso to perform hip replacements using the SUPERPATH® surgical technique. An alternative to traditional hip replacements, the less invasive and tissue-sparing procedure allows patients to walk within days and sometimes hours after surgery. Spencer Frink, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Del Sol Medical Center, has used the technique on 37 patients.

“This less invasive hip replacement technique minimizes the trauma to tendons and soft tissue, enabling patients to recover quickly,” Dr. Frink said. “Along with improving the outcomes for patients, it also decreases the risk of post-operative complications.”

Unlike other hip replacement procedures, the SUPERPATH® technique avoids surgically dislocating the hip, which minimizes trauma to surrounding soft-tissue structures and avoids cutting muscles and tendons. Specifically, the technique avoids trauma caused to the short external rotator tendons and the gluteus medius muscles, which are normally responsible for preventing dislocation.

When using the technique, each of the implant components are inserted separately and then constructed together inside the hip joint. This prevents the hip from being twisted or pulled into abnormal positions and preserves the integrity of the anterior and posterior hip capsule. It also requires as little as a three-inch incision.

“The SUPERPATH® technique allows our hip replacement patients to experience a significantly faster recovery than previously possible,” Jacob Cintron, chief executive officer for Del Sol Medical Center, said. “The implementation of this technique is part of our ongoing effort to provide exceptional and innovative orthopedic treatment.”

For more information about the orthopedic surgeries at Del Sol Medical Center or to contact the hospital about this technique, please visit LPDS Healthcare.