Del Sol Medical Center is the first hospital in the El Paso area to offer a fully integrated, multidisciplinary liver screening and treatment program. The program allows its physicians to provide exceptional care and a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

El Paso has the highest incidence of cirrhosis and primary liver cancer in the nation. Del Sol Medical Center’s liver treatment program will revolutionize liver disease and cancer care in a region that needs it most. Before the launch of this program, patients often required extensive travel for a comprehensive transplant evaluation.

“With Del Sol Medical Center’s integrated program, patients will experience a broad range of care faster and closer to their family and friends,” David Shimp, chief executive officer at Del Sol Medical Center, said. “The program will ensure excellent and personalized treatment plans for every patient.”

The new liver treatment program is supported by a dedicated team of medical experts, along with Del Sol Medical Center’s recently acquired technology – its new biplane suite. Additionally, a physician specializing in liver transplants travels monthly to El Paso from a hospital in San Antonio to provide pre-clinical and post-clinical treatment for transplant patients.

KTSM (NBC) recently interviewed Dr. Gethin Williams, an interventional radiologist at Del Sol Medical Center, about the liver program.

The El Paso Inc. recently shared news of the program’s launch.