On Aug. 14, Del Sol Medical Center opened its first Hybrid Cardiovascular Operating Room (OR). This $3.5-million, state-of-the-art facility provides patients faster, more efficient cardiac treatment with the lowest dosage of radiation possible. Del Sol Medical Center’s 979-square-foot Hybrid OR is the largest in El Paso and the first to include a FlexMove—a ceiling-mounted option for the Philips Allura X-ray system—as well as an AlluraClarity FD20 X-ray system, which provides a low dose of radiation.

A Hybrid OR is the integration of a surgical OR with an advanced X-ray imaging system. This enables cardiovascular surgeons, as well as interventionalists, to perform the most advanced minimally invasive procedures.

The Hybrid OR’s FlexMove system helps to optimize workflow, while the AlluraClarity X-ray system provides physicians high quality imaging for a comprehensive range of clinical procedures. Physicians will capture and view detailed 3D images of a patient’s cardiac vasculature, facilitating faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease.

These two technologies help achieve excellent visibility at low X-ray dose levels for all patients, aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of patient conditions and can be used for procedures such as diagnostic catheterizations, stenting and balloon angioplasty.

KVIA and City Beat recently featured the new Hybrid OR at Del Sol Medical center.