Las Palmas Medical Center recently became the first, and only, hospital in El Paso to acquire a da Vinci ® Xi Robotic Surgical System from Intuitive Surgical, and Hector Flores, M.D., a cardiothoracic surgeon, has performed El Paso’s first thoracic procedures using this technology. The first procedure was performed in July.

This new surgical system brings the tally of da Vinci ® robotic systems at Las Palmas Medical Center up to four—totaling an $8-million investment for robotics. 

The new system includes enhanced surgical capabilities, which can be used in minimally invasive procedures across a wide spectrum of specialties. Its advancements allow patients less invasive surgical options, reduced pain and quicker recovery times as compared to traditional open surgical procedures.

The surgical robot allows surgeons to control all of the robotic-arm movements seamlessly from a console, and the da Vinci® features an enhanced design, including four overhead arms that can access the body from virtually any position.

To date, Las Palmas Medical Center has performed more da Vinci ® robotic procedures, over a broad range of specialties, than any other hospital in El Paso.

The El Paso Times and El Paso Inc. recently covered news of this announcement.