EL PASO, Texas – Las Palmas Medical Center recently became the first hospital in the U.S. to use the Maquet Magnus system table. Jointly designed by Maquet and Philips, the state-of-the-art hybrid system table can transition between various configurations, allowing for the widest range of patient positioning options needed for neurointerventional procedures.

The design of the Maquet Magnus system table includes a tapered head, which allows for better surgical access. The tapered design at the head of the table also eliminates the risk of shadows in the imaging field as a result of the attachment of headboards, and reduces the need to move patients to obtain appropriate images during a procedure. Additionally, the table has the ability to slide forwards, backwards and side to side at various degrees of angulation. Made out of carbon fiber, the tabletop is radiolucent and uniquely strong, allowing it to support a larger range of patient weight.

“The addition of the Maquet Magnus system table will allow surgeons to perform procedures at the highest level of safety possible due to its transition capabilities,” Bratislav Velimirovic, M.D., stroke medical director at Las Palmas Medical Center, said. “We are pleased to be the first hospital in the country to utilize this table and offer the best neurointerventional care for our patients.”

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