Las Palmas Medical Center is using a new robotic orthopedic surgical system to give patients the most customized knee replacement surgery option in El Paso.

“Patients who seek today's most advanced and innovative surgical technology can now receive a knee replacement that is as close to a real knee as possible,” Dr. James Bean, orthopedic surgeon at Las Palmas Medical Center, said. “This new orthopedic surgical system allows for better joint performance, compared to traditional knee replacement techniques.”

During procedures using this technology, surgeons collect a patient’s anatomical data to build a 3D model of the patient’s knee, place the implant and balance the knee’s ligaments. The technology creates patient-specific surgical plans that are exact and time-efficient and allows surgeons to perform more precise partial and total knee replacement surgeries.

“Las Palmas Medical Center is excited to serve the community as a host to this innovative technology that will change the quality of life for many patients,” Don Karl, chief executive officer at Las Palmas Medical Center, said. “Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons are ready to provide the El Paso community with the best knee replacement outcomes possible.”

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