How many times will I have to travel to El Paso?

Patient are seen a total of three times in El Paso:

  1. Initial consultation with the Registered Nurse, Registered Dietitian, and Bariatric Surgeon.
  2. Pre-Operative evaluation and surgery (1-2 night stay in the hospital)
  3. 2-week postoperative evaluation. All other follow-up can be done in our Albuquerque clinic.

Is my surgery done in El Paso?

Yes, our Center of Excellence surgeons perform all bariatric procedures at in El Paso.

When can I return back to work?

Your physician will determine when you may return to work. On average, patients return to their daily living activities two weeks after surgery.

Will I have excess skin?

Drinking your required daily water ounces and doing exercise may help with the skin’s elasticity, but you will have excess skin. It depends where you carry your weight.

Does my insurance cover Bariatric surgery?

Most insurance plans cover weight loss surgery, but we will verify your coverage to determine eligibility and criteria prior to your initial appointment.

What is my out-of-pocket cost?

Each patient has a different out of pocket cost due to the level of coverage that was chosen during open enrollment. The bariatric staff will provide this information at your initial appointment.

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