Pediatric center in El Paso, Texas

Every child is precious, and our staff at Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare works to help them grow up healthy and strong. We offer gentle, comprehensive medical care to children at our hospitals in El Paso. Children with more serious medical conditions are cared for at our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) in Las Palmas Medical Center.

To speak with someone about our pediatric medical services, call (915) 264-6885.

Our pediatric diagnostic centers

Pediatric services at Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare provide care for children from birth through 18 years old. Children are not just smaller adults — they need medical care designed for their specific needs at each phase of their development. Our pediatric specialists understand those needs and provide comprehensive care to help each child grow up healthy and strong. We offer:

  • Board-certified pediatric physicians
  • Developmental pediatrics program
  • Newborn intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Nursing staff specially trained in pediatric care
  • Pediatric diabetes program
  • PICU
  • Pediatric sleep disorder treatment
  • Pediatric transport team available 24/7
  • Specialists in pediatric oncology and cardiology


Some newborns need special care after birth, either because they are born prematurely or with a medical condition requiring treatment. Our facilities feature NICUs with staff certified to care for the unique needs of our smallest patients. Other features include:

  • 13 private NICU suites where the family can stay with the baby 24/7
  • 24/7 neonatologist on staff
  • 24/7 pediatric surgery coverage
  • Helipad with direct access to the NICU
  • Remote video system to see baby from home via secure feed
  • Suites designed for the care of multiples up to quadruplets


Children need specialized care unique to their size and health conditions. Las Palmas has experienced pediatricians and advanced medical technology to care for your child. Our PICU features:

  • 10 dedicated PICU beds
  • 24/7 pediatric intensivist managing care of acute and chronic conditions
  • 24/7 pediatric surgeon skilled in minimally invasive procedures for children
  • Certified staff specially trained to care for critically ill children

Pediatric sleep disorders

Children frequently experience disruptive sleep issues, a development that can ripple out and affect the entire family. Our sleep specialists work with you and your child using the latest diagnostic and treatment options so everyone can get a good night's sleep.