Sergio Peña, B.S., a respiratory therapist specializing in neonatal pediatrics at Del Sol Medical Center, was recently awarded the Citizen Hero Award by the San Antonio International Police Department for his courageous service in saving an airport police officer’s life after he suffered sudden cardiac arrest while on duty.

In August 2014, Peña was on a quick trip to San Antonio to help his son move into his college dorm when he saw Officer Collis Boone collapse just outside the arrival terminal. Peña immediately sprang to action, applying life-saving chest compressions and shocks from a nearby-automated external defibrillator (AED) to Officer Boone while an ambulance was on its way.

“When I saw Officer Boone hit the ground, I immediately knew something was wrong and ran to his side to help,” Peña said. “I checked for a carotid pulse, but there was no pulse. Then I immediately started administering chest compressions. A nearby paramedic and physician joined me to assist. Together, we were able to revive Officer Boone, and an AED was used to get his pulse back while emergency services were on the way. I think it was meant to be—to be at the right place at the right time to help Officer Boone.”

In a recent ceremony, the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio International Police Department honored Peña and other bystanders with the Citizen Hero Award for their quick, courageous service to save a man’s life. Peña attended the ceremony and was able to meet Officer Boone, who has made a full recovery since the August 2014 incident.

Peña has worked at Del Sol Medical Center for 11 years. The hospital staff and administration applaud him for his quick thinking and fast action to save a life.

A close-up photo of the Citizen Hero Award.