Del Sol Medical Center is training bystanders to help in a bleeding emergency before a professional arrives as part of a national awareness campaign called “Stop the Bleed.”

The program, which has been offered throughout the El Paso region for nearly two years, stems from the knowledge that bystanders will always be first on the scene and best positioned to provide initial medical assistance. An individual suffering from blood loss can die within five minutes, so anyone trained to stop this life-threatening bleeding can make a difference.

“When bystanders know how to control or slow the bleeding until emergency personnel can respond, they improve the patient’s chances of survival,” Janet Walker, trauma development and EMS coordinator at Del Sol Medical Center, said. “By training our staff and community members how to act quickly in a bleeding emergency, we can save lives.”

Del Sol Medical Center provides this training to a variety of community audiences, including educators at El Paso Community College, El Paso Independent School District law enforcement personnel, other medical centers and regional EMS personnel.

“Stop the Bleed” training is also included in Del Sol Medical Center’s nurse residency program, a year-long program for new graduates that offers extensive clinical training for nurses.