A toothache sent Daniel Leyva to his local dentist. But the New Mexico resident’s unsettling diagnosis—stage four cancer of the jawbone—sent him to El Paso.

Leyva was told palliative radiation was his only option. He sought treatment from numerous doctors in his area but was unsuccessful in finding help. A referral to El Paso specialist, Dr. Hans Brockhoff, a head, neck oncology and microvascular reconstructive surgeon at Del Sol Medical Center, offered hope.

“I’m so lucky to have found treatment with Dr. Brockhoff at Del Sol Medical Center,” Leyva said. “Had I not been referred to Del Sol Medical Center for treatment, I would only have had a few months to live. Now, I have my life back. I’m extremely grateful.”

Leyva traveled to Del Sol Medical Center where he met with Dr. Brockhoff and plotted a surgical strategy. A biomedical engineer used Leyva’s existing CT scans to map out the cancer’s location for the tumor’s removal, as well as how to use a portion of the fibula to reconstruct Leyva’s jaw. Based on this planning, Dr. Brockhoff receive 3D models, cutting guides, and a patient-specific plate for the surgery, which has left Leyva cancer-free.

KFOX-TV recently interviewed Dr. Brockhoff about Leyva’s success story.