by Deborah Aguilar, RN, StomaphyX™ Patient, Bariatric Nurse at Del Sol Bariatric Center

I started my initial weight loss journey on July 5, 2005. I considered this to be my new birth date since this was my new beginning on life. People ask me all the time why I had Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery and I always say the same thing; because I was tired all the time, wasn’t able to do participate in normal everyday activities and didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I was always wearing baggy clothes and it got to the point where even tying my shoes was difficult. The first year after my surgery, I lost 110 pounds and maintained my weight loss for several years. Six years later, while trying to deal with a few of life’s infamous curveballs and some unforeseen tragedies I turned to food for comfort. I wasn’t compliant with my weight loss program and as a result, the weight started to come back. As a Bariatric Nurse at the Del Sol Bariatric Center I was privy to the newest weight loss procedures available and that’s where I learned of the revolutionary new StomaphyX™ procedure. The StomaphyX™ procedure is for former Gastric Bypass patients struggling to lose that last 20-30 pounds. This was it; this was my second chance to get back on track with my weight loss goal. Since my StomaphyX™ surgery, in November, 2011, I have lost 37 pounds. My post surgery weight loss goal was 35 pounds and already I have reached my goal…and I’m still reaching.

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